For antibacterial functional clothing and underwear

It has long been known that non-absorbent textile materials, in this case mostly polypropylene, are more suitable for the removal of sweat from the body than most natural fibers. By removing water vapor from the skin, better thermal comfort is guaranteed, the skin stays dry, creating a warm feeling in cold weather, and a cool feeling in warm environments. With the elaborate structure of knitted fabrics and admixtures of other types of elastane and Merino wool fibers, we have created the basic lines of functional clothing for all seasons - Comfort, An-Atomic and Wooler. However, each product in the range must be selected not only according to the ambient temperature of the environment, but also according to the activity you expect to perform.

The level of nanotechnology in the textile industry allows us to create knitwear and products that exhibit revolutionary properties: permanent antimicrobial and antibacterial functions; long-lasting odor-free environment and thus a guaranteed sense of hygienic cleanliness. Our products last for a few days and do not need to be washed after each use. The products do not need ironing, they are resistant to grease, water, oils and acids ... By reducing washing cycles, energy costs and detergents for the maintenance of our products you save your time and the environment significantly :)